Melissa Shoes Lady Dragon Cluster

These shoes are from the Brazilian designer, Melissa. This brand basically invented making plastic and PVC shoes in a very fashionable and stylish way. Melissa shoes are touted by celebrities such as Katy Perry
and Dita Von Teese. I’m a huge fan of natural materials but the look and feel of these shoes are fantastic. They also have some major star power clout, and as a fashion designer, who could want anything more? What an awesome brand, with a super-awesome story behind it!

The Lady Dragon Cluster is a slingback with a jeweled cluster near the toe. Very flashy, without being way too flashy or blingy. I would wear these to an event or with an evening dress. The model we’re reviewing here is the ivory color but they also come in black. If you’re interested (and I KNOW that you are 🙂 ) Click my Amazon link below to see more colors and more reviews.

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  • Lady dragon cluster heels
  • Mid height heel
  • Adjustable slingback closure
  • Peep toe
  • Front jewel cluster design

The Good

These shoes are wonderful with an evening out on the town, or you can wear them to work with a nice dress. When I read “plastic” and “PVC”, I was initially scared away but I’ve been talked into trying and reviewing these and I’m glad that I was. These things are sexy! And they’re WAY more comfortable than I would have initially imagined. The shoes are made out of a different kind of plastic than you might imagine that some of the cheaper shoes that you’ve tried are made of.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn, when I opened the box that the shoes are actually scented! I almost giggled at first. It’s very subtle and pleasant. After reading around a bit I’ve learned that the plastic is actually called Mel-Flex, and is a proprietary secret to Melissa shoes. It’s SUPER comfy, and I now know why Hollywood is all crazy about these shoes.

The Bad

The color is closer to beige than it is ivory, but it will still go with nearly any color in your wardrobe. If you’re still a skeptic, I would suggest something made of leather, like the Intorno.

Final Verdict

The comfort, elegance, and even the little surprises I’ve found with this shoe make it WELL worth adding to my collection. You should too, but if you’re skeptical like I was, you should be prepare to be amazed at the comfort, style, and even the scent of this gorgeous creation. I will be buying more Melissa shoes in the future! Click the link below if you want so see the best discount price on these.

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Melissa Shoes Lady Dragon Cluster Review: Plastic is fantastic!